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PACE-2020-2021-School Supply List

1 inch 3-Ring Binder - NO zippered binders

Subject dividers with pockets for each subject

1 3-Subject Spiral Notebook with pockets (Reading for 4th Grade ONLY)

1 5-Subject Spiral Notebook (Social Studies for 4th Grade ONLY)

Pencil bag with zipper OR metal latching pencil box

3 boxes tissue / kleenex

1 roll paper towel

Girls-1 bottle hand sanitizer 

Boys-sanitizing wipes

Girls-1 box Gallon Size ZipLock Bags

Boys-1 box Quart Size ZipLock Bags

2 packages of cap erasers 

1 package of blue writing pens

1 package of red writing pens 

4 large expo markers - blue or black

4 skinny expo markers - blue or black

3 large packages of pencils - Ticonderoga or USA Gold

1 pack of masks

1 water bottle (No larger than a 16oz)

Headphones or Earbuds  (inexpensive) 

$7.00 4H Dues - (participation meets science and social studies requirements)


*additional supplies may be required periodically throughout the year

*Spiral notebooks are NOT needed for 5th Grade