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Fourth Grade


4th Grade Supply List

Ringgold Elementary School


1- Pair of headphones

1- package of loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)     

1- pack of pencil top erasers

2- packs of pink erasers

2-Large packages of Ticonderoga pencils (No mechanical)

2- Composition notebooks (marbled- not spiral)

2- Boxes of Kleenex

4- Plastic Folders with prongs and pockets (Red, Blue, Green, yellow)

4-Large Expo markers (Blue or Black)

4- Glue sticks

Girls: Bottle of Handsanitizer 

Girls: 1 Box of quart size Ziploc bags

Boys: 1- pack of sanitizing wipes 

Boys: 1 Box of gallon size Ziploc bags

*4-H Dues for the 2022-2023 school year will be $10 (All students are encouraged to join.)


*Additional Supplies may be required periodically throughout the year.