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Third Grade

3rd Grade School Supply List 2021-2022

Please send all supplies on the first day of school.

48-yellow Ticonderoga PRE-SHARPENED #2 pencils

4-black and white marble composition notebooks

2-spiral notebooks (one red and one blue)

4- large glue sticks

4-large pink erasers (no pencil top erasers)

1-package of assorted colored highlighters

1-RED plastic folder with prongs

1-BLUE plastic folder with holes (no prongs)

1-package of index cards

1-1 ½ inch binder with clear pouch on front

1-fabric pencil pouch with zipper (not plastic)

8-Expo dry erase markers (blue or black ink only)

1-pair of comfortable headphones

1-small package of red pens

1-personal pencil sharpener

1-pair of scissors


1-box of Kleenex

1-box of Ziploc bags (Girls-Quart/Boys-Gallon)

1-large bottle of hand sanitizer 

1-Clorox Wipes